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Value propositions

The basis for all your messaging. Why would somebody buy what you're offering?  The answer to that simple question becomes the crux of your story. We completely break it down, firm up the soft spots, then put it back together in the strongest possible statement of your value. 


Competitive Analysis

Examining competitors is essential to understanding how you stack up in the market. We scour the Internet and reconcile our findings with yours using models like SWOT and Porter.




Command the attention of prospective customers and investors with a compelling pitch. You know it when you see it. That tightly knit set of golden words and images that hits all the right notes. 


Technology Stories

Everyone wants to understand your technology. But often the explanation is long and complex. We distill your information and systematically build a succinct and satisfying story that everyone can understand.  Here's a specific example:  complex patent descriptions provided input for a technology story targeting industry professionals. 




Not only are videos entertaining, they're also an efficient way to communicate. Here are some examples of our videos.



Your website says a lot about you.  It should be modern, up to date and easy to consume. We provide web-ready content to your webmaster and if you need it we can build you a fresh new website using a business-class web platform.  See an example.


If you're pitching, you'll need a good deck. We'll build you one that is concise, appealing and with a logical flow.    

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