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  • What is iLevel's pricing?
    iLevel uses an hourly rate that depends on the nature of the work. Pure website or video work is the least expensive while pure consulting engagements are more. A typical engagement is a blend of consulting and video/web. The range tends to be $60 - $90/hour (CAD). Invoicing is typically every 2-4 weeks.
  • How is iLevel different from an agency?
    iLevel is focused on technology companies and specializes in finding, simplifying and articulating value propositions as well as building cost-effective videos and websites. While there is overlap, agencies offer a wider set of services and typically deliver them at a higher level of scale. iLevel consulting will typically be involved whenever there is a lack of clarity - typically soon after startup, or later during a pivot. iLevel video and website services can be employed whenever you need them.
  • Can iLevel handle highly technical engagements?
    Yes. iLevel's founder, Randy Kun, has a deep academic and professional background across a wide range of technologies. Frequently engaging with PhD-level experts, Randy is extensively experienced at simplifying complex technology stories.
  • Where is iLevel located?
    iLevel operates from Ottawa, Canada although services are offered on a virtual basis with engagements typically being within Canada and USA for time zone efficiency purposes to maximize meeting schedule flexibility .
  • How long has iLevel been operating?
    iLevel was formed in 2006 and has been operating almost continuously since then.
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